Mississippi County Baptist Association
Tuesday, September 26, 2023
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Operation Prayer Cover
Annie Armstrong
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Meet the Pastors

  Bethany Baptist-Manila              Bro. Johnny Thomas, Pastor                                 
Bethany Baptist-Gosnell            Bro. Gary Hyde, Pastor
Blytheville First Baptist                      Currently Pastorless
 Hispanic Mission-L'ville              Bro. Max Guzman, Pastor
Calvary BC-Osceola                   Bro. Joe Cornelison, Pastor
Clear Lake Baptist                                  Currently Pastorless
Cole Ridge Baptist                      Bro. Jim Walker, Pastor
Dell Baptist Church                                   Bro. Nathan Davis
 Dyess Central Baptist                          Bro. Greg Smith, Pastor
Eastside Baptist                           Bro. Toby Akins
 Etowah Baptist Church                  Bro. Danny Helms, Pastor





Gosnell Baptist Church                  Bro. Steve Blaney, Pastor   



Joiner Baptist Church                    Bro. Stan Dutton, Interim 
Keiser Baptist Church                  Bro. Todd Vinson, Pastor                                                  
Leachville First Baptist                 Bro. David Price, Pastor
Leachville Second                        Bro. Joe Cornelison, Interim                 
 Luxora First Baptist                     Bro. Charles Dixon, Pastor
Manila First Baptist                     Bro. Matt Pryor, Pastor
Marys Chapel                               Bro. Willie Stamps, Pastor
New Harmony                            Lonnie Ward, Interim Pastor
New Liberty Baptist                             Mike Gonzales, Pastor

  New Providence                             Currently Pastorless
North Tenth St. Baptist             Steve Miller, Current Interim                 
Number Nine BC                     Bro. Charles Hurley, Pastor
Osceola First Baptist                    Bro. Jason Glenn, Pastor
Ridgecrest Baptist                       Currently Pastorless
Trinity Baptist Church                 Bro. Mike Welch, Pastor
Wardell Baptist Church                   Bro. Steve Jacobson, Pastor
Westside Baptist                                Currently Pastorless
Whitton Baptist Church                Bro. T. Van McClain, Pastor
Wilson First Baptist                    Bro. Paul Huenefeld, Pastor
Yarbro Baptist Church                         Bro. Rick Robbins, Pastor

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James Dobson Family Minute

Operation Prayer Cover
Annie Armstrong
Volunteer Opportunities
NAMB Missionaries